Yuri FEKLISTOV is one of the leading and most gifted Russian photographers.

Having started his career at the age of 14, he graduated State Institute of Cinema Art in 1984. His domain is photojournalism and he worked for the most reputable national illustrated media such as Ogonyok, Itogi, Stab-Kvartira, Elle, 7Days, daily newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda. His photos are published by Sun Magazine, Paris-Match etc. He traveled around the world and brought brilliant photos from Chukotka, Antarktida, France, UK, Cabo Verde, Italy, Japan.

Among his models are Russian political, intellectual and culture elite during the last 30 years: Putin, Eltsin,Rastropovitch, Okudjava, both Tarkosvki, but also Tatoo, Mumi Troll, Sukatchev…

The most of personalities, visiting Russia could not avoid his camera: Michael Jakson, Lady Di, Queen Elisabeth, Bush, MacCartney, Cesaria Evora, Kiri Te Kanava, Povarotti…

We are now pleased to present you an access to Yuri's private ARCHIVE.

It will be filling in gradually. Enjoy!


The Golden Eye of Russia, The Guilde of Professional Photographers, 2000


The Best in Photojournalism 1996, The Academy of Free Press

Interphoto, 2001


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